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A Tribute To Chaplains
ON DECEMBER 2, 1965, the Marines and Navy personnel at Da Nang celebrated the birthday of the Navy Chaplain Corps. In a ceremony honoring the service of chaplains past and ...

A Tribute to Chaplains

As desired by the churches of the land and by Navy Regulations, chaplains have taught men both secular and sacred subjects. Always they teach the larger lessons of life, the lessons of God’s Word, His way for man. Chaplains have administered the sacraments. They have confronted men with the sacred acts most holy and precious to their churches, baptizing the new believers from helmets and in oceans, offering the Holy Supper, confirming, hearing confessions, blessing marriages, going with them to the final moment of life and bridging the gap with the last rites. They have brought the assurance of God’s care to sailors and Marines on wooden ships, in polar ice, on violent seas, in roaring helicopters and in silent depths, in rotting jungles, on comfortable stations, in foxholes, bunkers, and bamboo chapels.

Chaplains have shown the nation the meaning of religious cooperation by working together, and have led the way, honoring one another . . . All this because we are here to serve God and the military man. It is our unique profession.

All military men and women appreciate the difficult ministry of their chaplains. These dedicated people have to do their work while recognizing the military significance of rank and authority. Amazingly, they are themselves not in either the military or spiritual chain of command. They neither command the troops nor act as intermediaries between them and God. They do, however, hold a certain spiritual authority as “commissioned officers” of the church. Like all ministers, they have vital leadership duties—guiding worship services, administering the sacraments, and teaching God’s Word. The troops, or laity, also have their duty—to lift up in prayer and to actively support these men and women who so bravely and unselfishly assume the mantle of spiritual authority.

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