Complete Word Study Dictionary:
OT and NT

By Spiros Zodhiates

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Pub. Date: Aug. 13, 2013

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Using Strong's Dictionary numbering system, the Complete Word Study Dictionary (Old and New Testaments) is an excellent resource to provide insights into original language study of the Bible. The system of study makes the resource easy to use and will give any Bible student the details to understand the important and essential meanings for each Hebrew and Greek word. By providing this all-inclusive resource from Dr. Spiros Zodhiates anyone can use the meanings provided in this dictionary to better understand and enjoy the study of God's Word. Difficult Bible passages in English come alive when using this tool as the original meanings and context are provided. This is an essential product for anyone who wants to know their Bible more in-depth.


  • ISBN:
  • Pub. Date: Aug 13, 2013
  • Publisher: AMG Publishers
  • Imprint: AMG Publishers
  • Language(s): English
  • Audience: Ages 18+
  • Main Content Page Count: 0

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(1 Rating)
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March 16, 2017

Worth It!

I appreciate the publishers making this available for purchase for e-Sword. They really should advertise this on their main site to get make this resource more well known. In comparison to other resources I have purchased, this rates right up there with the best!

My two favorite resources for eSword are the Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury by Jerome Smith and the Complete Word Study Dictionary. These two put together make eSword complete! The Word Study Dictionary brings all the related verses of a single Strong's word together and explains each briefly without getting too wordy while the UCRT brings all the similar verses bible together by linking similar phrases.

Making the Bible enjoyable to study is key!

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