Bible Illustrations Series
By AMG Publishers

(4 Ratings)

Format: e-Sword Component
Delivery: Immediate Download
Pub. Date: Aug. 13, 2013

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Price: $20.00

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AMG Publishers' popular Bible illustrations books are now avaialble thorugh this digital download. Over 4000 useful, Biblically-based stories, anecdotes and illustrations are at your fingertips. Compiled from the previoulsy published Pulpit Helps Magazine, these illustrations have been used by pastors and laymen alike to aid in lesson and sermon preparation as well as proviing insights into key Bible passages. This collection is conveniently priced and will provide benefits to any Christian's personal walk.


Product currently unavailable for iPad® download.


  • ISBN:
  • Pub. Date: Aug 13, 2013
  • Publisher: AMG Publishers
  • Imprint: AMG Publishers
  • Language(s): English
  • Audience: Ages 18+
  • Main Content Page Count: 0

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
(4 Ratings)
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November 13, 2016

Not a valid option with E-Sword

Purchased the Bible Illustration add-ons for E-Sword.

No instructions were provided on how to add to E-Sword. Searched all the tabs under the E-Sword Module downloader and the Bible Illustrations are not to be found. Unless instructions are provided this purchase cannot be used with E-Sword.

April 12, 2016

Awesome Product

I am 81 years old and I followed the download instructions and it worked out beautifully - no problems. Yes no one is there during business hours to answer the phone - just a message service. Not a good sign for company the size of AMG. This drives customers away. I might not have purchased if I had called the company before paying and downloading first. - Marvin

August 26, 2014


You should have stated the E-Sword requirements that is the version before taking my money. Now I cannot download. Very disappointed! Please advise!

January 28, 2014


Instructions leave a lot to be desired. No one answers the phone during businss hours or returns a call promptly

they give you 15 minutes to download it. Hopefully one can figure it out in that amount of time

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