Healing the Divorced Heart:
Devotions for Hope and Encouragement (eBook)

By Rose Sweet

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Pub. Date: Nov. 01, 2011

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Pocket-sized prescriptions for symptoms resulting from divorce

Often those who suffer the "heart attack" of divorce fail to follow a plan to recovery. They allow the build-up of bitterness to continue to clog emotional arteries. Just as the cardiologist orders heart medication, divorce recovery needs a prescribed course of action-rest, medication, and changes in routine or daily diet.

Healing the Divorced Heart offers pocket-sized prescriptions for various symptoms that come as a result of divorce. Rose Sweet invites those who have been damage by divorce to take their spiritual temperature and examine emotional x-rays. The book is full of practical advice, encouragement, and hope centered on daily doses of God's Word.



  • ISBN-13: 9781617151651
  • ISBN: 1617151653
  • Pub. Date: Nov 1, 2011
  • Publisher: AMG Publishers
  • Imprint: Living Ink Books
  • Language(s): English
  • Audience: Ages 0 - 0
  • Pages: 192

Meet the Authors

Rose Sweet lives in San Anselmo, California, where she writes and produces Christian DVD media. She is the author of numerous books on healing and strengthening broken or strained relationships God's way, including A Woman's Guide to Healing the Heartbreak of Divorce, Dear God Send Me a Soul Mate and the devotional, Healing the Divorced Heart. Rose has been divorced and writes not only from experience but with heart and humor. She's remarried to her high-school sweetheart and has three stepsons.

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