Jewel Heist
By Mike Hamel

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Format: Trade Paperback
Pub. Date: Jul. 20, 2007

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Matterhorn the Brave is an exciting new juvenile fiction series about four young children who are recruited to keep an eye on the portals of earth that connect all realms of space and time.


Jewel Heist, book four in the Matterhorn the Brave series, opens with the kidnapping of princess Jewel by a wraith from First realm. Matterhorn and the baron follow the ransom instructions to the Bermuda Triangle, and arrive just in time to make the lunch menu of a tiger shark. Sara the water nymph gets them safely to an island, which turns out to be the home of fierce cannibals.

And that's only the beginning of their Caribbean troubles!

With the help of a merboy Bin-dle, the Travelers locate a sunken portal that holds the key to many of the Triangle's mysteries. And when Nate the Great and Queen Bea unexpectedly show up, the action swings into high gear.

A category-five hurricane ruins their first attempt to find Jewel. During their second try, the Queen is severely wounded. An their third, most daring effort, puts the entire planet is peril!

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  • ISBN-13: 9780899578361
  • ISBN: 0899578365
  • Pub. Date: Jul 20, 2007
  • Publisher: AMG Publishers
  • Imprint: Living Ink Books
  • Language(s): English
  • Series: Matterhorn the Brave
  • Audience: Ages 0 - 0
  • Pages: 192

Meet the Authors

MIKE HAMEL is a seasoned storyteller who has honed his skills by telling tales to his four children. He is the author of several books and magazine articles. Mike and his wife, Susan, live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their children are now fully grown, and their two grandchildren will soon be old enough for stories of their own.

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