Woman to Woman:
Life Principles from Titus 2

By Barbara Henry

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Format: Trade Paperback
Pub. Date: Jul. 01, 2003

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Titus 2:3-5 tell us that older woman should lead by example while teaching young women to live inside and outside their homes Woman to Woman: Life principles from Titus 2 is a twelve-week Following God Bible study that takes the outline given in Titus 2 searches other scriptures to find specific direction and guidelines as to how mature women in the faith can minister to other women. The purpose of the book is to provide a resource for woman who desire to minister to others. It is designed to encourage and equip women to speak truth to those  who are younger (both spiritually and chronological), breaking through barriers in order to deal with difficult questions women face in the 21st century.


Rather than offering another set of answers from one woman's perspective, this study takes each woman to passages of Scripture, helping her discover what God is saying to her personally, without skirting the deeper issues. As with all books in the Following God lines of Bible study products, Woman to Woman  is ideal for small group discussions. The first four lessons look at the four qualifications for women in ministry: a priestly lifestyle, a commitment to confidentiality, freedom from addictions, and an appreciation for beauty and the ability to teach it. Younger women may take this study to learn what they are to seek in an older woman mentor and how to be better prepared to minister to others. Each of the remaining lessons takes one of the topics Paul identifies in his letter to Titus as being important for woman and seeks to develop a biblical foundation for understanding and training



Mentors will find guidelines for dealing with issues like:

* Depression      * Anger     *  Addictions

* Guilt                 * Denial    *  Anxiety

* Legalism          * Fear       *  Forgiveness 


  • ISBN-13: 9780899572505
  • ISBN: 0899572502
  • Pub. Date: Jul 1, 2003
  • Publisher: AMG Publishers
  • Imprint: AMG Publishers
  • Language(s): English
  • Series: Following God Discipleship Series
  • Audience: Ages 0 - 0
  • Pages: 256

Editorial Reviews

"Perhaps the most profound instructions for women's ministry are found in just three verses in the second chapter of Paul's letter to Titus. Barbara Henry has crafted a masterful study that captures the essence of these three verses and will inspire women of all ages to effectively minister to others."


"God has used Barbara to direct women's though to  a high level of insight into richness of His own Holy Word and to challenge us with the joyful prospect of knowing Chris better."

—MRS.JOEL (CAROL ESTHER) BELZ, of World Magazine

Meet the Authors

BARBARA HENRY received her B.A. in education from Covenant College and her M.A. in biblical counseling from Colorado Christian University. She has been involved in women's ministries for over thirty years-leading and writing Bible studies for the local church and spiritual direction for individuals. Her passion for equipping others for ministry makes her a popular speaker in churches across America.

Barbara has four children and for the last ten years has served as a single parent. Both of her daughters are stay-at-home moms, and her sons are active in music ministry. Barbara is blessed with five beautiful grandchildren and hopes to have many more. For more on Barbara check out her Web site at: www.barbarahenry.org



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