Whisker Rubs:
Developing the Masculine Identity

By Don Otis

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Format: Hardback
Pub. Date: Mar. 16, 2007

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AS TODAY POSTMODERN CULTURE seeks to redefine biblical morality, relationships have taken a serious hit, even within the Church.

How does this redefinition affect men? From boyhood, to the teenage years, and on through mid-life and retirement, Whisker Rubs describes what men  in each of these stages of life are dealing with and the challenges they face. In some instances, men feel they cannot measure up to the expectations placed on them at work, in their marriages, or in their spiritual life. Fortunately they are answers, and these come together in the final section, "Reclaiming Masculinity."

Whisker Rubs is filled with anecdotes, stories, interviews, and studies to bolster the thesis that men desperately want to have a blueprint for their masculine journey.


* Letting Boys Be Boys: Developing the masculine Identity

* Little Boy Be Good: Social Pressures to Tame Boys

* Caught in the Crossfire: Teenage Boys Who Won't grow Up

* Finding Family: The Search to Belong

* Middle-Aged Madness: The Last Stand

* The Golden Boys: Is that All There Is?

* How the Women's Movement Failed Men...and Women

* The Myth of Sameness: Embracing the Creator's Intent for the Sexes

* Media Madness: How the Media Marginalizes Men and Fathers

* What Do Men Need Most?


  • ISBN-13: 9780899571171
  • ISBN: 0899571174
  • Pub. Date: Mar 16, 2007
  • Publisher: AMG Publishers
  • Imprint: Living Ink Books
  • Language(s): English
  • Audience: Ages 0 - 0
  • Pages: 240

Editorial Reviews

"WoW! A great pot-stirring book about masculinity. Every parent who is raising a boy will want to read this book to help that boy develop into a man"

-Dr. Scott Turansk, National Center for Biblical Parenting

"We can shepherd our boys to be strong men.

Read and take a new adventure in the journey to manhood."

- Gregory L.Jantz, PhD,

Director of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources Inc.

"Don shoots straight and hits the mark with this book about manhood. He brings clarity to the often cloudy issues plaguing men today."

Brian Molitor,

author of A Boy's Passage

Meet the Authors

DON S. OTIS is the president of Veritas Communications, a publicity agency based in Idaho. He is the author of Trickle-Down Morality, Teach Your Children Well, Staying Fit After 40, Watch and^ Pray, and dozens of articles about faith, family, and morality. He has worked as psychosocial rehabilitation specialist with boys and families. Don previously served served as co-founder and manager for the Voice of Hope Radio Network and Middle East Television. He lives in Sandpoint, Idaho, and has three grown sons.


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