The Big Bad God of the Bible:
Is God Really a Bully?

By Mark Littleton

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Format: Trade Paperback
Pub. Date: Aug. 15, 2008

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In a compelling blending of a fictional conversation between the author and a variety of seekers who meet at a local coffee shop, Littleton confronts the tough issues of the God of the Bible. As they drink their coffee and lattes, the group discusses the issues of God ordering various genocides in the Bible, the Flood, various killings, and issues like free will, the problem of evil, and why the test in the Garden of Eden.

In their search for truth, they try to understand why God gave those stories as a means of teaching humanity important things about him and the world. In the process, the group fleshes out why faith is necessary. They discover that behind these seemingly heinous biblical events is a God who reveals himself with honesty and integrity-a God who seeks to draw us closer to him.

By the end of the book, the seekers confront the biggest issue of all when one of the members of the group-so close to making a commitment to Christ-is killed in a traffic accident. How could God allow this? What answers does the Bible provide to that incident?



  • ISBN-13: 9780899570334
  • ISBN: 089957033X
  • Pub. Date: Aug 15, 2008
  • Publisher: AMG Publishers
  • Imprint: Living Ink Books
  • Language(s): English
  • Audience: Ages 0 - 0
  • Pages: 352

Meet the Authors

Mark Littleton is a graduate of Colgate University (A.B.., 1972) and Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.,1977). he is a former pastor, youth pastor, and now a popular speaker at churches, retreats, conferences, and other gatherings as a writer.

He has written for numerous publications including Reader's Digest, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Evening Sun, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Moody Monthly, Today's Christian Woman, Discipleship Journal, Leadership, Sunday Digest, Power for Living Zelos, as well as many others. Littleton is also the author of over ninety books with more than one million copies in print.

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