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Prayer Walking
A Journey of Faith (eBook)

By Dan R. Crawford and Calvin Miller

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Praying on the scene without making a scene! Prayer Walking is on-site intercessory prayer that involves praying as you walk. God is using prayerwalkers to prepare the way...

Format: Open Ebook Format
Pub. Date: Dec. 28, 2011

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Price: $7.99
On Sale: $6.39
Saints and Sinners of the Bible (eBook)
By Louis Albert Banks

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The saints and sinners of the Bible give insight into our own lives. The stories of the characters of the Bible are more gripping than any novel. By observing the lives of...

Format: Open Ebook Format
Pub. Date: Feb. 01, 2011

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Price: $4.99
On Sale: $3.99
The Believer's Payday (eBook)
By Paul N. Benware

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The most significant payday is yet to come-the one to be received at the Judgment Seat of Christ, But how are Christians to be evaluated? ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES , how a...

Format: Open Ebook Format
Pub. Date: Jan. 03, 2012

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Price: $7.99
On Sale: $6.39

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