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Remember Who You Are!
EVERY TIME they left the house my kids heard, “Remember who you are!” They knew it meant: “Remember how you’ve been raised, what you believe, what ...


Special Agent Don K. Shreffler

Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation

EVERY TIME they left the house my kids heard, “Remember who you are!” They knew it meant: “Remember how you’ve been raised, what you believe, what you’ve been taught, and, oh, yes, that your father is a cop—don’t embarrass me!” It also meant, “Remember you’re a Christian.” Christians in law enforcement have a constant need to remind each other to “Remember, we are Christians!”

Acting on that premise, years ago a group of Christian officers in Council Bluffs, Iowa, began to meet weekly for lunch and prayer, “to motivate one another to acts of love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24, NLT). Then we decided to see how many Iowa Christian officers would gather for a statewide breakfast. It was such a blessing, we repeated it for two more years. However, we wanted more than just a couple of hours once a year together to relax and openly enjoy being Christian officers. We didn’t have to feel “funny” about praying in uniform in the presence of unbelievers, reading our Bibles openly, or talking about work and life from a Christian perspective! That led us to begin “The Retreat.”


When Jesus called his disciples, he took them away from the masses. They needed to be trained, to develop a deeper relationship with him and each other, and to be away from other distractions. I find that significant. These guys didn’t have to be on guard for unexpected jabs from a passing Pharisee, or the ridicule of a gaggle of Gentiles. They could relax with their teacher, acknowledge what they believed, be who they were, and maybe take a nap if they needed one. The Lord modeled great wisdom in calling his men out and away then, and that’s what we do now.

It is that type of atmosphere God has provided for us these past sixteen years. We get away far out in the woods, smell smoke from the fireplace, pray, build each other up, sing loudly, and eat—a lot! Our registration form says, “For cops, by cops.” We are taught by godly men who wear a badge just like us, and we learn and get our batteries recharged. Most importantly, we look around at guys we may not have seen since last year and we remember who we are, to whom we belong, what we’ve been taught, and what we believe.

I will continue to remind my children, fellow officers, and all who claim the name of Christ, Remember who you are!

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