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THE TENSION built as the helicopter’s turns grew tighter. I was barely able to keep the small landing zone in sight as we were thrown about by the violent movement.


Suddenly, we were immersed in an eerie, palpable silence. We were on our own.

Third Reconnaissance Battalion sent many patrols into the mountains west of Hue. Practically every patrol started like many operations in the Vietnam War, with a helicopter insertion. That moment of touchdown was shared by thousands of soldiers and Marines who had to face this sudden vulnerability. We made it off the LZ that day unopposed, but many others did not. Another soldier described the same experience: “Then the choppers flew off. Whether the LZ was hot or cold, the departure of the helicopters was a profound moment. The grunts felt an awful sense of abandonment and vulnerability. The sense of power and security the choppers could provide was gone.”

There are inevitably moments in life when we are suddenly vulnerable. We have all experienced near misses on the highway that leave us gasping. I have seen a day in the sunshine on a boat quickly turn into a life-or-death struggle with the elements. As we ponder how powerless we are in these situations, we are blessed to acknowledge the One whose power is never limited. God has ultimate control over all things and is always there for us as we face our emergencies. We can take action to protect ourselves and our loved ones with a clear mind and calm resolve based on our faith in his presence and our ultimate place at his side.

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