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SHARING HUMOROUS calls often helps pass the time when things are slow at the station. Here’s one I heard that caused a chuckle and brought joy into an uneventful day ...

Tommy Neiman, Author of Sirens for the Cross; EMS Training Officer – St. Lucie County, FL; Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International Regional Director / International Board Member


Not just for a moment but for eternity

SHARING HUMOROUS calls often helps pass the time when things are slow at the station. Here’s one I heard that caused a chuckle and brought joy into an uneventful day just when I needed a little something to uplift my spirits.

It was 3 a.m. and my friend had finally drifted into one of those rare, but peaceful, sleeps that seldom accompany a shift at the firehouse—when a lady frantically called his station. “My pacemaker is malfunctioning,” she complained. “Hurry! Please!”

When the crew arrived, they found an elderly lady living alone. She appeared all right physically. Emotionally she was distraught.

In the stillness of the night, upon entering the house, the rescue crew heard a sudden “chirp” sound. Ignoring it, they crossed the room to the little old lady, who was sitting anxiously on the couch.

“What’s wrong, ma’am?”

“It’s my pacemaker. I think there is something wrong with it. It keeps going off.”

The guys were somewhat bewildered as they hooked her up to the EKG monitor and all looked fine. Just then they heard the chirp again.

“There it goes again!” the lady cried out. “Every little while it goes off like that! I just know my pacemaker is acting up and I need to get it fixed.”

The guys looked up. Immediately they suspected where the noise came from. They felt certain it was the smoke detector on the wall that was making the occasional sound to tell her the battery needed to be changed. They waited a moment to confirm their suspicions. Again, the chirp.

“I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” (John 15:11)

“See,” the lady said, “it keeps doing that!” The guys looked at each other and discreetly shook their heads. From that point on the biggest challenge was keeping a straight face while explaining “that chirp” to the lady.

I relate this to you hoping it brings you a moment of laughter and joy as it did me. An even greater joy—one that lasts for eternity—was shared thousands of years ago by our Lord Jesus Christ. In John 15:15 he tells of his and his Father’s love for you and their desire to call you Friend. (Read the verse in the sidebar above.) And as he shares from his heart, Jesus tells you how your joy will be complete.


Thank you, Lord, for calling and for choosing me as your friend. Because of you, my joy is complete and not dependent on momentary distractions and activities.

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