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To Keep Going
WITH A typhoon off the coast, high winds and heavy rain were hammering Kadena Air Force Base on the island of Okinawa. In spite of the storm, Tom Webb and his crew made ...

To Keep Going

The rain kept falling in sheets as the 488,000-pound aircraft, fully loaded with bombs and fuel, began to lumber forward on its long takeoff roll. As they slowly gathered speed, Webb peered ahead but could not even see the white lines painted on the runway. Finally, the hurtling B-52 lifted off the ground. In that instant, as he was retracting the landing gear, the blinding blue-white flash of an explosion erupted from the left wing. Warning lights for the number 1 outboard engine immediately lit up. They were hardly off the ground, and all he could do at that moment was shut down the engine and keep flying.

Webb would learn later that the alternator had exploded in that engine, blowing off the cowling and causing extensive damage. From the cockpit, he could only guess at what had happened as he assessed the aircraft’s condition. He checked instruments, made adjustments, and found he could still fly the aircraft. They would continue the mission. Hours later, their bombs would be on target, helping some beleaguered unit on the ground in Vietnam.

Tom Webb’s quiet and unpretentious courage inspired others at that time just as it inspires his friends (including me) now. I know him to be a dedicated Christian gentleman who works behind the scenes for his church and community. As he demonstrated on a stormy night over the South China Sea, he would never turn back from an important mission nor let someone down who was depending on him.

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