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Prayers Work
IT SEEMED like a hopeless situation. They were dangerously low on fuel and, below them, an unending layer of fog blanketed the ground. To make matters worse, they were ...

Prayers Work

When the fuel warning light flashed on and the audio alarm started beeping, the pilot asked McDonald, “How long can we last after that thing goes off?” He replied, “Beats me. I’ve never tried to find out!” At that point, McDonald recalled, “I began silently talking to God, asking for his divine help to find us someplace to land before we crashed into the forest below.”

As they were descending to an unknown fate, an opening in the fog below gave them a glimpse of a grassy meadow and possible landing zone. As the pilot steered for the spot, the engine quit a few seconds before touchdown, resulting in a hard landing but no damage. Looking around, the crew saw movement on all sides. Fearing they were in the middle of a VC unit, they jumped out of the helo with what weapons they had and prepared to defend themselves. Ready to go down fighting, they soon recognized American uniforms and friendly soldiers. Amazingly, they were safe. On their deliverance, McDonald commented:

It was a very lucky or blessed day, depending on how you viewed the events. Just good luck you might say, maybe? But then, perhaps other forces were at work. Maybe the power of a small silent prayer opened a big hole in the fog . . . I do not need anyone to tell me that prayers do work—I believe.

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