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Deeper Is Safer
MARINE UNITS operating along the DMZ were usually on the move during daylight hours. During any prolonged stop and especially at night, defensive positions were prepared.

Deeper Is Safer

Private First Class Charlie Lenox of Curtis, Nebraska, had already finished his excavation 100 feet to the northwest of the command post, and southwest of Churchill’s M-60 position. Lenox’s hole was more than four feet deep. He had a reputation for having the deepest fighting hole in the unit. “When people come back here 30 years from now,” others chided him, “they’ll still be able to find your pit.” That didn’t bother Lenox. For him, deeper meant safer.

After being caught in the open during my first mortar attack, I also began to pay careful attention to the depth of my foxholes. I would make a rough rectangular outline about six feet long by two feet wide and then stick my bayonet into the ground to mark the corner nearest my head. My radio operator would measure the distance of his radio handset cord from the bayonet to the corner of his own hole. We would then start digging. If the need arose, he would toss me the handset, and I could talk to battalion while we both remained well below ground level.

The need for protection in combat is obvious. The danger is clear and always present. Unfortunately, the threats to our spiritual well-being are much more subtle and difficult to anticipate. Bad habits creep into our lives unobtrusively. My particular problem is that I drift away from God imperceptibly as I go about my daily business. I have a tendency to “go it alone,” which leaves me defenseless against a nonspecific anxiety that builds in my mind as I get farther away from him. The spiritual disciplines of prayer and Bible study are my only defense. In my relationship to God, deeper is always safer.

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