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The Red Flower
Lieutenant Sandy Kempner was killed by shrapnel from a land mine near Tien Phu on November 11, 1966. He was a platoon leader with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, operating in ...

The Red Flower

It is a country of thorns and cuts, of guns and marauding, of little hope and of great failure, yet in the midst of it all, a beautiful thought, gesture, and even person can arise among it waving bravely at death. Some day this hill will be burned by napalm, and the red flower will crackle up and die among the thorns. So what was the use of living and being a beauty among the beasts, if it must, in the end, die because of them?

After thinking about the lonely flower, Kempner concluded it would always live in the memory of at least one Marine. Furthermore, he realized, “If we had never gone on that hill, it would still be a soft, red thornless flower growing among the cutting, scratching plants, and that in itself is its own reward.”

It is hard to discern the religious outlook of this thoughtful young man. A flower does indeed exist for itself, without regard to our knowledge of it. A human life also has existence and significance in itself, even if unappreciated by others. However, we know there is more to the human condition than this. We were brought into this world by a God who knows us intimately: “You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13). We were made for a reason by a God with a purpose. When we live with him in our hearts, and in accordance with his plan, our lives have a transcendent significance. We may live in a wilderness on Earth, and our work may not always be appreciated by others, but we know that who we are and what we do have eternal significance.

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