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All It Took Was A Moment
WAYNE WAS an atheist. A KKK member, he was very gruff, with the personality of a porcupine. One day he bluntly told me, “Jesus didn’t have a dad, and you know ...


Officer Mark Dennis

Franklin, LA, Police Department

WAYNE WAS an atheist. A KKK member, he was very gruff, with the personality of a porcupine. One day he bluntly told me, “Jesus didn’t have a dad, and you know what that makes him!”

I probably should have kept quiet, but said to him, “I don’t have to take up for Jesus’ lineage, but on Judgment Day you’ll have to answer for that comment!” That didn’t sit very well with Wayne and his poker buddies.

About three weeks later I found out Wayne had inoperable cancer and was in the hospital. God seemed to say to me, “Okay, bigmouth, now what will you do?” Even though Wayne hated me, I made up excuses to visit him, saying I was in the hospital to see someone else and thought I’d just say hi. Over time his atheist friends disappeared; they didn’t want to see a buddy die. Wayne warmed up to me since the only other person visiting was his wife, whom he liked even less than me.

One day I decided to share the Gospel with Wayne. On the way to his room I met his wife, who kept yelling, “He’s gone, he’s gone!” Entering his room I found him strapped down, yelling incoherently, and “seeing things.” He was out of his mind. I telephoned prayer warriors I knew, asking them to pray with me, beseeching God to restore Wayne’s mind. I desperately wanted to talk to him about his need for the Lord.

About thirty minutes later I walked into the room and Wayne was back to normal. I almost couldn’t believe it! I talked to him about God and the fact that salvation is the same whether we accept Jesus as a child or later in life (Matthew 20:1–16). After hearing that, Wayne and I asked God’s forgiveness for his sin, and Wayne prayed to receive Christ as his Savior.


I had another appointment but returned later that day. Again, Wayne was out of his mind. Concerned, I prayed by his bedside, and once again he returned to normal. I asked if he remembered my being there earlier that day and what we talked about. He said yes, and that we had talked about Jesus. When I asked him what Jesus did he replied, “He accepted me.” It was so powerful to hear Wayne say that, and to know that God had accepted him as his son. Two days later he died. After being God’s enemy all his life, Wayne entered eternity as God’s friend.

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