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My Uninvited Guest
ON A NOVEMBER evening my wife and daughter had gone to town. Shadows and darkness cast the light aside, and the stage was set for an uninvited guest.


Lieutenant Dennis E. Nail

Martinsville, IN, Police Department

ON A NOVEMBER evening my wife and daughter had gone to town. Shadows and darkness cast the light aside, and the stage was set for an uninvited guest.

For the preceding month I had been dogged by the media and politics—all because I had dared express my opinion regarding the 9/11 attack on New York City, our nation’s moral decay, and the relentless criticism of Christian values. It seemed on that autumn night, everything came to a head. As I sat on the living room floor, an evil spirit as real as anything made of flesh and bone entered the room. He took a seat beside me, said he could understand my loneliness, and he felt my inner gut-wrenching misery. He instructed me on the way out: Just take the .357 from the kitchen cabinet, walk out into the woods, and end the frustration by taking my life. At first I honestly began to reason with this unholy guest. He was so convincing, so reassuring. But how could this be? As a Christian, how could I dare take my own life?


I fell down and called upon the Lord... and I heard God’s voice. He told me I was bought with a price and belonged to him. My life was not mine to take. He told me he knew what it was like to be deserted by friends, for he, too, had been tempted by the same tempter who was waging spiritual warfare right in my living room. God reminded me he had suffered for my salvation, and that I was going to be all right. I can’t explain what I was feeling at that moment, but I could feel his presence as he wrapped his arms around me—comforting, reassuring, and protecting me. He told me everything was going to be fine. Immediately the room seemed to take on a glow. I prayed, opened my Bible, and read some passages—everything was in his hands.

Since then I approach those who attempt suicide with a whole different outlook. For most, no one is present when they attempt to take their lives. They always seem to do it when nobody else is around, no family members or friends. If they don’t have Jesus, they have no one. Jesus is a friend who is always there, even during the most severe test of faith. He is our strength and refuge. “Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God” (Psalm 42:11).

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