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Faith, Mercy, and Grace
EXERCISING one’s faith in order to be the witness God desires is just as important as exercising one’s muscles to have the strength to survive the emergencies ...

Sue Reynolds, Missionary – Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International (FCFI), and Chaplain Gaius Reynolds, President – FCFI; Volunteer Firefighter – Livermore, CO, Fire Protection District


The muscle power to be an effective witness

EXERCISING one’s faith in order to be the witness God desires is just as important as exercising one’s muscles to have the strength to survive the emergencies encountered by first responders. The apostle Paul also experienced numerous trials in which both his physical and spiritual power were tested. Through God’s mercy and grace, Paul had the strength to survive those tests and exercise his faith.

By God’s mercy, Paul received eternal life rather than the condemnation he deserved as a result of his ungodly actions and beliefs prior to his conversion. His change from enemy to friend of God on the road to Damascus was by God’s grace. It was through God’s grace Paul had the muscle power to persevere and exercise his faith.

“The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.” (Revelation 22:17)

The apostle Paul experienced many hardships in his ministry. Even though he was born into an elite family and blessed with exceptional skills, he eventually realized that without God’s grace, he was nothing and lacked the ability to be an effective witness of his faith. Paul called God the “God of Grace,” describing grace as “the free gift of God.” Paul closed each of his twelve epistles with a prayer for grace.

In contrast to mercy, where you don’t receive what you deserve (eternal death), God’s grace is receiving something you don’t deserve (eternal life with Jesus for all who accept him as their Lord and Savior). Grace includes God’s complete and unconditional kindness, love, and favor. D. L. Moody said that grace comes from the very heart of God.

Hardships weren’t Paul’s exclusively. They seem to go hand-in-hand with the lives of first responders, either firsthand or as they respond to others’ emergencies. If one acknowledges rebellion or self-centered independence, and is willing to accept God’s mercy and grace, they are available in an abundant, never-ending supply. Now that’s muscle power.

God showed his mercy when he forgave his followers’ sins instead of condemning them for those sins. God extended his grace (our undeserved gift) by sending his only Son to die for all sins. God’s grace and mercy, as reiterated throughout his Word, are ongoing and continuous and available for all. Grace and mercy are the muscle power needed to exercise your faith.


Thank you, my “God of Grace,” that by your mercy you don’t give me what I deserve, and you do give me what I don’t deserve— your grace. Thank you for the muscle power to exercise my faith.

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