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PROVERBS 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” In my sixth year with the Toronto Police Service I applied ...


Constable Jesse Weeks, No. 8482

Toronto, Canada, Police Service

PROVERBS 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” In my sixth year with the Toronto Police Service I applied for—and obtained, against all odds—a prestigious fulltime plainclothes position. With one week of evening shift left before starting the new job, I planned to stay “off the radar.”

During that week, I was concerned about the way another officer handled an arrest, and expressed that to one of my sergeants. I wanted to protect her reputation, but my sergeant saw it as an attack on her integrity. He called my “boss-to-be,” suggesting I might not be trustworthy. Under a cloud of doubt and rumors, the next week I entered the Major Crime unit. I worked hard to prove myself and got along well with the team. However, five months later the unit’s detective was promoted and replaced by a detective who did not like me.

Shortly after, a friend of mine from high school suffered emotional difficulties over a breakup. My attempts to mediate in settling a property dispute between him and his ex ended up with the ex filing a complaint against me. She said my friend used my position as a police officer to intimidate her.


The complaint made its way to management, with the implication I was a rogue cop not to be trusted. I was not given a chance to explain, and was out and back on the street that week! Rumors swirled again, with everyone wondering why I got the boot. I tried to recover over the next nine months, but was fearful I would make another mistake and be raked over the coals again. I found it hard to make decisions, and began falling into depression. I felt no hope of ever advancing and was strongly motivated to leave policing.

Finally, with God’s help, I took a risk and joined a new unit. It wasn’t a glamorous position, but it gave me the fresh start I needed. I made some new friends, am enjoying policing again, and have time to pursue personal interests. I relish the quietness of the time I have to be with my wife, and am much better off not being in a high-pressure position that can consume an officer and destroy one’s marriage. After much struggle and loss of self-confidence, the Lord restored my soul and made my path straight.

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