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Irrevocable Commitment
JIM ECKL was a forward observer with the 22nd Infantry Division. Although he was an artilleryman, he was assigned to an infantry unit to provide that vital link between the ...

Irrevocable Commitment

Sometimes the landing zones would be large enough to allow the helicopter to set down; but other times the landing zone would be so small the helicopter could not set down, so the helicopter would just hover ten or fifteen feet off the ground, as low as it could get without clipping the trees and brush, and we would jump. Every landing zone was dangerous, but the small ones were especially dangerous because that meant the helicopter could not set down to pick us up even if we were being overrun: there was at least a chance to retreat, by helicopter, from a large landing zone, but retreat was impossible from a small one, no matter how bad things got. Jumping off the helicopter was an irrevocable commitment: There was never any going back from that moment. Sometimes I would be so scared that I could not talk. But I always jumped.

One morning in 1993 I sat at a table with a group of men with my head bowed. I had been given the opportunity to pray a prayer, asking Jesus Christ into my heart. I felt it was the moment I should do this, but my skeptical nature battled against it. I weighed my many doubts against the simple truth I had come to believe—Jesus Christ was who he said he was, the Son of God, sent into the world to restore mankind to God. To take this leap, I felt very much like the soldier in this story, jumping into an unknown landing zone. This was the ultimate irrevocable commitment. I will be forever grateful God gave me the will to make this jump and to say the prayer: “Lord Jesus, come into my heart and take over my life.”

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