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Keeping Watch
THERE WAS no such thing as a good night’s sleep in the field. Regardless of how many miles we trekked during the day or what kind of action we were in, security had to be ...

Keeping Watch

I would take out a hand grenade and pull the pin and hold it to my chest. As long as you didn’t let go of the handle, the grenade would not go off and you could return the pin into the hole in the handle and make the grenade safe again. I would do this when I felt sleepy, and I would dare myself to fall asleep sitting there with the grenade in my right hand against my chest and the pin on my index finger of the left hand. Needless to say, I never fell asleep holding a grenade, but you know what? It’s very difficult to put the pin back into a grenade at night when your hands are shaking.

Although I’m glad I never saw this technique used, I was always aware of the challenge to stay alert when tired. Jesus was also concerned about his followers falling asleep on watch. He told us he is coming back, but that the day and hour of his return are known only by the Father. Equally unknown is the hour when we will go to him, if we die before he returns. Either way, we must be ready to meet our Savior at some moment we can’t predict. It is simply our task to stay alert—to live our lives every day in obedience and expectancy. We don’t want to sleep on this watch. The eternal future is at stake.

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