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A New Heart
CHUCK DEAN had always wanted to be a paratrooper. He enlisted in the Army, went to jump school at Fort Benning, and volunteered for duty on Okinawa. There he joined the ...

A New Heart

Ten years later, Dean’s life was a shambles. Anger, depression, and drug abuse had brought him to the depths of despair. After encounters with the police and the IRS, his nervousness and depression seemed to spiral downward. In desperation, he picked up the telephone one night and called a friend named Bill, a veteran of the Korean War and former paratrooper like himself.

I called him and simply said, “Bill, I really need a friend right now.”

He was quiet for a moment and then replied, “Chuck, you need the Lord.”

At first I resented that he would try laying a “trip” on me about Jesus. I thought, Oh, man don’t you know I’m hurting? I don’t need this religious crap! But I didn’t say anything because I respected Bill very much.

His statement did stun me, however. A week earlier, I might have laughed, but at that moment, with my life in shambles, something inside told me that he was speaking truth. Deep inside I somehow knew that here was the answer I’d been looking for a long time even though outwardly I had avoided for years.

“Yeah,” I said softly. “I guess that’s one thing I haven’t tried. Maybe that’s what I need to do.”

Bill talked with me for a little while, and then asked if I was willing to pray with him. I agreed, because I knew that the way I was headed could only end in disaster. Then and there I prayed with him, giving my heart, soul, and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a realization that I had become a friend of God. Now Jesus had shown me that he accepted me just the way I was, and he could show no greater love than when he laid His life down for His friend.

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