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The Things I’ve Done
MAC GOBER returned from Vietnam in 1967. The hostility directed at veterans caused him to become disillusioned with the war and himself. He became convinced he had served ...

The Things I’ve Done

Gober soon earned a reputation for being the toughest member of the gang. The others feared him. Filled with hate, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do. All this time, however, he suffered the pain of loneliness and a gnawing sense of guilt.

When someone handed him a gospel tract one day, he looked at it briefly before throwing it away. Even after this brief episode, however, a few of Jesus’ words kept coming back to his mind. Then, one day he found a single page from a similar tract lying on the floor. Something led him to read and reread that page and the gospel message on it. As he read and thought more intently about Christ he came to a pivotal moment:

I hurt so bad inside and had nowhere else to go, so one day I simply prayed and turned my life over to Christ. I didn’t think anyone could love me. But I discovered that God did. And he proved it by sending his only Son, Jesus, to die for me and take away my sin. When I realized that, all the hate and bitterness I felt inside—for my father, for the inhumanity I saw in Vietnam, for the rejection I experienced when I came home—was released. It was incredible! Overnight I became a different person.

Mac Gober has a moving testimony meant specifically for other veterans suffering the kind of anger and guilt that once imprisoned him: “Looking back, I know that only God knows some of the things I’ve done. I’m not proud of them, but I do know that God has forgiven me completely and given me another chance. If he can do that for this ‘tough guy,’ he can do it for you too.”

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