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Precious in His Sight
ARE THE fatalities we encounter good? Not the ones I’ve witnessed. Can good result from them? God says yes. Most Christians are familiar Romans 8:28, which clearly ...

Tommy Neiman, Author of Sirens for the Cross; EMS Training Officer – St. Lucie County, FL; Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International Regional Director / International Board Member


Deepened bonds of friendship

ARE THE fatalities we encounter good? Not the ones I’ve witnessed. Can good result from them? God says yes. Most Christians are familiar Romans 8:28, which clearly explains that if we love God and are called according to his purpose then good will be seen.

One call that made this clear was a tragic accident involving a van carrying a family of seven. The van’s driver lost control, and the van flipped over numerous times and landed upside down. Three people were ejected. Four were trapped inside. My friend and co-worker, David, and his rescue truck crew were first out. Our engine followed and was governed for a top speed of sixty-five miles-per-hour, delaying our arrival. When David arrived he issued multiple trauma alerts as he worked a two-year-old in critical condition. Our engine arrived amid confusion, chaos, destruction, and loss. A bloodstained sheet covered one body.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

I headed toward a teenage girl, covered with road rash and suffering multiple fractures. Others went to work on the remaining injured. The southbound lane was cleared and Air One touched down. After a secondary triage or assessment, it was decided that David and his patient would fly.

Despite desperate efforts on the part of David, his crew, and the ER staff, the little boy went on to be with the Lord. We returned to the station overwhelmed by the tragedy and needing mutual encouragement. I found David sitting dejectedly on his bunk. “You did all you could,” I calmly affirmed, placing my hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, but … why? Why the little one, Tommy?”

“All I know, David, is that the Lord has little ones he specifically chooses to take home, and this was one of them. This child must be so precious to God that he called him home early for a purpose we may never fully understand in this life. We just have to trust and believe.”

What good came from this?

A deepening bond of friendship grew between my already close friend, David, and me. David, more like a brother than a fellow worker, had drifted far away from the Lord and recently rededicated his life. God was working in his life and using me for spiritual encouragement. Without question God had placed us together for spiritual strength and comfort on this particular call.


Lord, I know your promise in Romans 8:28. Help me to see the good that comes from tragedies with no seemingly intrinsic good.

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