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Escaping Faith
LIKE EVERY soldier in a line unit, Joe Cardone counted down the days on his tour. As he approached his last week in country, word came down the chain of command: one more ...

Escaping Faith

Please God, stay with me, help me never to forget that you are here with me—that there is always a chance—always hope and somehow, Dear Lord, to overcome the things that oppress us and the changes that have taken place. Never let me forget, God, and never let me go through this again.

I want life. I want to live no matter what I must face. Where there is life, God, there is hope and a chance for things to get better. Give me the time and my life, God. Give me the chance and stay with me. That’s all I ask. It’s a big request. But when you realize what the meaning of this request is, it can only mean it is sacred and everyone deserves that chance. Please bring me home alive.

Thank you, God, for everything you have done and for making my chances look good. And I know if I keep my escaping faith, I will make it.

Most of us can identify only too well with the phrase “escaping faith.” It is an acknowledgement of those times we drift away from God, become consumed by our own concerns, and suddenly realize we have isolated ourselves from the One we need most. At those times we wonder whether we have faith or not. This uncertainty was expressed exactly by a desperate father who came to Jesus, entreating him to purge an evil spirit from his son:

Like this worried father, most of us have an imperfect faith and need to pray every day: “Lord, help me stay close to you. Help me to continually resolve my doubts. Help me overcome my unbelief.”

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