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The Back Room
HOW MANY Christians would say the best place to “connect the dots” with an unbeliever is “the back room of a police station”? That’s where it ...


Bill Hubbard, Executive Police Officer

Taos, NM, Police Department

HOW MANY Christians would say the best place to “connect the dots” with an unbeliever is “the back room of a police station”? That’s where it happened with Floyd and me.

After spending time in federal prison for dealing dope and stolen guns, Floyd was making a conscious effort to turn his life around. He had a job, was in a stable relationship with his longtime girlfriend, and was even being “Dad” to their two toddlers. He was in handcuffs this time for unpaid traffic tickets he had collected in another part of the state, and was waiting for his mother to come and pay his fines. Floyd worked, and he was looking for child care. As we brainstormed resources I innocently asked, “Do you belong to a church?” thinking there might be some help there.

He said he didn’t and here’s why: “I don’t know what to believe! For eleven years, I have asked everyone I could how to know which religion is right. I’ve talked to Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and others, even read the Koran and some of the Bible. No one could answer my question and tell me which one was right.”


I’m not the brightest Christian behind a badge, but I realized we had gone from “child care” to a “Holy Spirit” opportunity! I told him, “The truth is in the empty tomb. All the rest—Muhammad, Confucius, Buddha, you name it—are still in their tombs. Jesus isn’t, his tomb is empty. Floyd, it you want to beat heroin, alcohol, or any other habit, you talk to those who have conquered it. If you want to learn about life and death, you follow the only One who beat death!” We shared and prayed together for quite some time, then together we went over a copy of The Truth (Pocket Testament League) that I had with me.

As Floyd considered what I had said, it sank into his heart and tears welled up in his eyes. “I’ve asked this question all my life, but no one gave a good answer. Now, I get it from a cop!” There, in the back room of a New Mexico police station Floyd found “the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6) and became “a new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

If anyone asks you the best place to help a nonbeliever “connect the dots,” just tell that person “anywhere.” Tell that person to just do it when God makes it clear through the Holy Spirit the time is right!

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