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My Brother, My Hero
ON MARCH 18, 2002, the 10 p.m. news ended with “Officer Shot!” Later that night we learned it was my brother, Donald. How could that be!


Donna Marquez

Sister of slain Chicago, IL, Officer Donald. J. Marquez Star No. 8620

ON MARCH 18, 2002, the 10 p.m. news ended with “Officer Shot!” Later that night we learned it was my brother, Donald. How could that be!

“Henry’s” house needed repairs, and neighbors wanted the city to tear it down. An elderly recluse, Henry had lived there all his life, and said he’d die in it before anyone could take it away. My brother and his partner were assigned to serve a warrant on him. After Don and his partner knocked on the door, Henry opened fire on the officers, striking Don in the head.

As my brother lay dying, his partner sent out the call, “Officer Down!” Though a myriad of officers came, Henry kept firing with two guns, preventing them from rescuing my brother. After an intensive gun battle, Henry was also killed. As one police chaplain said, it was one of the department’s greatest acts of courage and heroism. With so many bullets flying, God protected the officers from further bloodshed. Later I went to the crime scene. As I looked at my brother’s shed blood, all I could think of was Jesus and how he shed his blood for us. I told those present Donnie had not died in vain; his death was a part of God’s plan but difficult to understand.

Donnie and I were raised in a Christian home, but I became very angry at God and questioned, “Why?” It’s something I had to work through, and still do not fully understand. Even so, on the fourth anniversary of my brother’s death, I became a police chaplain. What a joy God has given me to share my faith! And if an officer is contemplating suicide or needs hope for any reason, it is wonderful to tell that person not to give up—there is hope in Jesus.


My parents were never the same after Donnie’s sudden and violent death. When mother died in June 2009, in her final hours she remembered my brother Don and called out his name. I couldn’t help but think that God had rejoined my mother and brother in heaven. And I look forward to the day when our entire family is there, together again!

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