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The Sophomore Jinx
SOMETIMES, during an officer’s “sophomore year,” he or she can get a feeling of entitlement. We’re in our second year, have “been there and ...


Officer Pete Bone

Carpentersville, IL, Police Department

SOMETIMES, during an officer’s “sophomore year,” he or she can get a feeling of entitlement. We’re in our second year, have “been there and done that,” are working on our own and handling an impossible job all by ourselves. In our arrogance we can see everybody as an idiot. We have life all figured out, an attitude which can permeate both work and home life. Unfortunately, that year can be “jinxed!”

As a high school senior I wanted to be a cop, so I got my college degree in Law Enforcement. While awaiting acceptance as an officer I worked at an outdoor theatre. One night, walking four abreast with fellow employees to our parking lot, we were run down by a drunk driver. One friend was killed, and my right leg snapped in half. After many months of surgeries and rehab, I was more determined than ever to attain my goal. Finally, a department northwest of Chicago hired me!

As a rookie I had a strong sense of right and wrong with a true desire to serve and protect. I looked for every opportunity to demonstrate my new police knowledge and authority. I married my fiancĂ©e, bought a home, and life was complete. Then the “jinx” struck! I began to take my wife for granted, even treating her like people on the street. I viewed life through a secular prism. Eight years later my wife decided I didn’t love her and asked for a divorce; I was stunned and devastated.

Through the next six years we kept in contact, watching each other go downhill. My life spiraled out of control with binge drinking, gambling, and severe depression. Several times I sat with a gun in my mouth, feeling suicide was a valid option. Finally God brought back into my life a longtime friend who had become a Christian. During the times we met over the next several months, he subtly shared Christ’s message of redemption and salvation. About this same time I learned that my ex-wife had become a Christian, and she invited me to attend her baptism. We began to attend church together and I, too, surrendered my life to Christ. We remarried in 2006, no longer sophomores but a couple matured by Christ. My life at work also changed as I exchanged my “secular prism” for a Christian one. As hard as it sometimes is, I now try to view each person as a special creation by God. He has made me a new creature!


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