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“Are You Jesus?”
ON DECEMBER 29, 2009, we were about to sit down to supper when a man named “Billy” called. He, his wife, and their two small children—a boy age 3 and a ...


Chaplain Paul Northcut

Cross and Shield Ministries, Russellville, AR

ON DECEMBER 29, 2009, we were about to sit down to supper when a man named “Billy” called. He, his wife, and their two small children—a boy age 3 and a girl 4—were at the Main Street Mission in Russellville, Arkansas. The Mission was closed, but some families temporarily living there said, “Let’s call the police chaplain.” When I met with them they told me they had lost their jobs and home in Colorado, and were trying to get somewhere, anywhere, that might be better. They had some contacts in southern Arkansas and thought that might be warmer than Colorado.


Billy told me he and his wife were Christians and had asked God to help them take care of their family. They had taught the children to pray, and all along the way the little girl had prayed, “Jesus, please take care of us.” In addition to food, gas, and a place to spend the night, most of all this family needed encouragement.

I called the mission directors and explained the situation—a story we have heard over and over again. The mission would fill their gas tank, so I led them to a station and took care of that. Next I talked to a good friend who owns a catfish restaurant. He said, “Let’s get these folks fed. Don’t worry about the cost; I’ll take care of it.” While they feasted on the best catfish in the state, I went down to a motel and arranged for a room. Then it was back to the restaurant to tell them where they would be staying. We prayed together at their table and I put a couple of bills in Billy’s shirt pocket.

As I was about to leave, the little girl looked up and, with the sincerity only a 4-year-old can have, she asked, “Mister, are you Jesus?”

Not knowing how to answer it I finally said, “No, honey, I just work for him.”

Just as police officers can burn out, sometimes I get tired of ministry— it’s called “Compassion Fatigue.” But every now and then something like this puts things back in perspective and I remember who I work for and how much he blesses me.

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