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What Are You Looking For?
HAVE YOU ever gone down the road in the fire truck or been looking out the bay door and it looked as if everyone was staring into the sky and you wondered what they were ...

Chaplain Robert Osbourn, Sylacauaga, AL, Fire Department


Gazing at the great events ahead

HAVE YOU ever gone down the road in the fire truck or been looking out the bay door and it looked as if everyone was staring into the sky and you wondered what they were looking for? While fighting a fire, have you noticed enthralled spectators that appear unable to take their gaze off the flames?

“So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him.” (2 Peter 3:14)

At Jesus’ ascension, he gave his disciples their commission to share the truth and his promise to return. Then the disciples just stood there staring up into the sky.

I wonder how many people today claim to be Christ’s disciples, then stand staring into the sky doing nothing.

Looking for something from God isn’t a fault. As a matter of fact, there are some great events you should all be looking for with eager anticipation.

You should be looking for Christ’s return. Scripture makes it clear: He will return (Matthew 24:42, 43; Matthew 25:13).

When Christ does return, there will be glorious changes. All the redeemed will experience a great bodily change. I’m looking forward to those changes—how about you? You can read about them in 1 Corinthians 15:51, 52; 1 Thessalonians 4:13–18; 2 Corinthians 5:1–8; and John 3:1–3).

You should also be looking for that city that is your inheritance. In Hebrews 11:10, Moses “was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.” John was privileged to see that city (Revelation 21:1, 2), a city that will be your home forever. And there won’t be a mortgage.

What about the coming of the Day of God, the day God keeps his pledge? Here’s what Scripture guarantees: “But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness” (2 Peter 3:13).

Where are you gazing? The Bible says, “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2).

No doubt, all these things will be wonderful to experience. Meanwhile, as you run your present earthly race, be sure to spend your days looking to Jesus for his help and leadership and then lovingly serving him.


Jesus, you are the sum total of all things. I thank you for your promises and look forward to your glorious reappearing. Meanwhile, may each day be lived according to your will and for your glory.

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