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Link at A Time
A CHAPLAIN in the Americal Division told a story to encourage his troops about the importance of each man’s work:

Link at a Time

I recently read of an old blacksmith who, in the opinion of many people in the community, was foolishly careful as he worked on a great chain in his dingy shop. He ignored their adverse remarks and seemed to work with even greater care. Link was added to link, and at last the chain was finished and carried away. Later it lay coiled on the deck of a great ship, which sped back and forth across the ocean.

One night there was a tremendous storm and the ship was severely threatened. Anchor after anchor was dropped, but none of them held.

Finally the main anchor was dropped. The old chain uncoiled and soon grew taut. Would the chain hold? The vessel’s weight surged upon it. The ship, the cargo, and hundreds of lives were dependent upon this one chain.

Suppose the old smith had labored carelessly upon just one link? Suppose he had yielded to the voice of his critics for just one day? He had not yielded. He had refused to compromise his convictions even once. He had put honesty, truth, and invincible strength into every part.

The moral of this story was pretty clear to the listening soldiers. Each man was part of a team, and his work formed one link in a greater chain. For the chain to be effective, each soldier had to make sure his link was strong by doing his own task diligently. As Scripture relates: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might” (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

This story also has a meaning for the individual person. Our character is constructed, like a chain, one link at a time. When we perform our tasks faithfully, whether great or small, we build a stronger chain. Every time we discipline ourselves to improve in our physical, mental, or spiritual lives, we add important links. The most important parts of this chain are forged in adversity. With Jesus Christ in our lives, we can face our great and small challenges confidently and overcome them cheerfully—building the chain of our Christian character, one link at a time.

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