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During his time in Vietnam Ron Rayner carried a little pocket Bible with a steel-plated cover in his left breast pocket. It was the same Bible carried by his father during ...

Day by Day

Ron had been raised attending Sunday school and church, and had dutifully memorized his Bible verses and prayers. However, from an early age he knew the difference between knowing and believing, and had never been able to believe. When he returned from Vietnam he married his childhood girlfriend and continued his token participation in church.

A door opened for Ron in 1980 when his minister asked him why he never received Communion. Ron confessed he was not a believer and felt it was wrong to fake it during the church’s most important sacrament. The minister asked him to do one thing: to pray habitually every time he ate. Ron honored his request and took this small step in reaching out to God. He found himself from that moment moving in a new direction, as his prayer life grew more and more meaningful. In describing his journey, he explained: “I believe that being a Christian is a day-by-day effort to learn more about God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.”

On his way to becoming a full member of the body of Christ, Ron found special inspiration in the words of St. Paul to the Ephesians.

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