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Mongrel Mobster
A FEW WEEKS before arresting Daniel, I had stopped his wife for having a really “dodgy-looking” car. We started to talk about God, and she told me they had got ...


Constable Matt Davis, MDAH12

Huntley, New Zealand, Police

A FEW WEEKS before arresting Daniel, I had stopped his wife for having a really “dodgy-looking” car. We started to talk about God, and she told me they had got involved with a cult whose members had been willing to support them. However she wasn’t happy with their teachings, so I shared Biblical truth with her. I recall promising to pray for her, and left it at that.

The day of the incident while driving to work (evening shift) I sensed the Holy Spirit saying to me, “Someone will ask you for dinner tonight, feed them!”

I attributed this to fatigue on my part, but later that evening I arrested Daniel for an assault on his partner. He is a Mongrel Mob member, which is an ethnic criminal gang -made up of mainly Maori and Polynesian men. They are organised similarly to a biker gang, such as Hell’s Angels, and offer the support and brotherhood that many displaced men desperately seek, unfortunately through crime and violence. Daniel had called me at the station to say he was turning himself in. Then without warning he asked, “Will I get dinner tonight?” I was completely floored!


As I processed him, he again asked about dinner, so I got him takeaway. As we talked that night he told me about his hard life and that he had accepted Christ years ago, but never found the love or acceptance he needed in a church. Even so, he felt God had changed him radically. We sat in an interview room for an hour just talking about his struggles with anger and how he had never been offered help. Sadly, he had gotten involved with the cult his wife had told me about, simply because they showed him love. I showed him from the Bible various Scripture passages that refuted what he had been taught, and then I prayed for him. After the legalities relating to the assault were cleared up he was released, but he moved away because he could not get the support he wanted.

Much of what we do in police work is mundane and not earth-shattering. Through our testimony and lives we Christian cops do our best to impact our communities with the love of our mighty, eternal, and loving Savior, Jesus. We simply can’t determine what the outcome will be.

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