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An Eternal House
BOBBY COX had just taken his boots off when the first mortar shell exploded. He grabbed his gear and started running for the command center as fast as he could. Amid the din ...

An Eternal House

Cox would never forget the night of February 18, 1972. He was assigned to an advisory team at a small Vietnamese Regional Force compound called Hiep Hoa. His job was to man a ground surveillance radar system, and, when he got to it that night, it told him more than a hundred VC were coming through the wire. Cox and the small team of Americans were in the basement of an old French building, with a perimeter defense around them manned by farmers and merchants serving as part-time soldiers. All he could do at that point was to wait—and pray. It was a little after 2:00 a.m., and his waiting and praying would go on for hours.

As the time passed, Cox’s thoughts went back thirteen years to when he had become a Christian in an American Baptist Church in Bamberg, Germany. The preacher was an Army first sergeant named Howard Wiseman, who frequently quoted his favorite verse of Scripture:

Cox had received Jesus Christ into his heart and accepted that heavenly promise on that day in 1959. During a long night he kept praying and reassuring himself Jesus would look out for him, either in his earthly tent or in a heavenly one. Fifty years later, this soft-spoken man would say quietly and sincerely, “We were saved that night by the grace of God.”

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