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Daddy’s Little Kitchen
CALEB: Some might call Daddy’s Little Kitchen a “hole in the wall,” but they were there for us. They gave us a place to meet before Kat-rina, and they ...


Officer Caleb Williams

Gulfport, MS, Police Department

Grant Wolf

Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers (FCPO)

CALEB: Some might call Daddy’s Little Kitchen a “hole in the wall,” but they were there for us. They gave us a place to meet before Kat-rina, and they opened as soon as possible after. Before the storm we had planned to charter our new FCPO chapter in November; we didn’t let the hurricane stop us. Two months into the cleanup, we were on our way back to normalcy—working regular shift hours and then heading home to work on our own or someone else’s home. Destruction was everywhere, but so were helping hands. We were small in number and tired, but buoyed by the hundreds of officers from around the United States and Canada who came to help.

Grant and Ruth drove into Gulfport late that afternoon, and I led them on a quick tour. Finally, we were able to put faces to telephone voices and e-mail messages. Then came our chartering dinner at Daddy’s. For a few hours there was fellowship, food, and much-needed laughter. It was the boost we needed, a “second wind.” All too soon it was over and we went back to work, but the Lord had planned it. We left with a new spring in our steps.

Grant: In Gulfport, Ruth and I were overwhelmed both by the destruction and the indomitable courage of those we met. No chapter chartering over the years was as poignant as Gulfport. As Caleb prepared the room for the meeting he set an empty place with a plate and upside-down glass. A slice of lemon and sprinkled salt were on the plate. Beside it was a sheet of paper with these words:

Let us never forget our fallen brothers of the badge, never forget what they lived for, what they died for, and who they had to leave behind. They are unable to be with their loved ones and families tonight, so we join together to pay our humble tribute to them, and bear witness to their continued absence.


A slice of lemon on the plate reminds us of their bitter fate. The salt sprinkled on the plate reminds us of the countless fallen tears of families, who also paid the price.

The glass is inverted—they cannot toast with us this night. The chair is empty—they are not here.

In spite of the destruction and decay around us, ceremony, symbolism, and honor for those who had gone before still reigned. Gulfport would rise again!

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