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All My Luck
IT WAS the last day in the field for Captain Vernon Campbell. He was in command of an infantry company operating west of Quang Ngai. As he moved along a jungle trail with ...

All My Luck

It sounded like three blasting caps going off at once. We all froze, and when I looked around I saw a small cloud of smoke, then there was more smoke and a sputtering sound off to one side of the trail. After a while, the sputtering stopped and the shell didn’t explode.

The smoke and sputtering came from a 4.2-inch mortar shell. Campbell had stepped on the igniter of a booby trap that would have killed him instantly along with every man around him if it had gone off. It was a dud.

Campbell’s last day in the field wasn’t over yet. Even though he and his men were checking carefully for other booby traps, he stepped into a well-camouflaged punji pit. Fortunately, the stakes in this trap were old and broke off when the captain’s foot went down on them. He suffered a few minor cuts, but none of the stakes penetrated his foot. He commented later on all of his “good fortune,” saying, “Some people may think I used up all my luck that day, but as far as I’m concerned, I’ve got plenty left.”

While in combat, I was less sanguine about my reservoir of luck. I felt there was a finite amount of it and that I was using up some of it every time I came under fire. Since becoming a Christian, however, these confused thoughts about life and luck have disappeared. They have been replaced by confidence in God’s plan and by the understanding he is in control of my life. I know that God knows me and has a plan for me that ultimately includes being with him. Until then I live with confidence and purpose, trusting in his eternal protection.

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