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Where Was God?
DURING MY time in combat I was not a believer. Like many others I saw what appeared to be totally random death and destruction, and questioned how there could be a God who ...

Where Was God?

God created human beings with a “will,” the ability to follow him and live his way or to go off on our own. Since Adam and Eve, we have consistently turned away from God. Unfortunately, history is littered with the results of humanity’s self-centered disobedience and independence. God doesn’t start wars, people do—fueled by self-interest, blind hatred, and retaliation.

God is not to blame for Vietnam. Sinful individuals and nations are. And God was not absent. He was there and in control. Instead of being AWOL, he kept men and women alive, and brought them safely through for a purpose.

In the midst of any kind of torment or struggle, it may be difficult to see God. But he is there, working in your circumstances. And what God wants most of all is to have a personal relationship with you.

It may be difficult to accept the idea that God kept certain men and women alive, if this implies he condemned others to death. But I don’t think this is the case. Wars and natural disasters have taken millions of lives, and I believe it’s true that God does not cause these events or desire these deaths. When these tragedies occur, however, it is clearly within God’s power to intervene to alter the course of events and to answer prayers when it is in his purpose to do so. In every case, he promises to be with us and our loved ones during hard times to give us courage to go forward and peace to accept whatever happens.

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