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Boulders in the Road
AS JOHN TUTHILL told his story of saving a recon patrol in Vietnam, the Roto-Rooter man listened intently:

Boulders in the Road

As I finished, the former Marine I was talking to became obviously emotional about my story. He asked the location of the action, he asked about the plane I flew; he asked if it had a blue sword across the fuselage. All questions I answered, now with an emotion equal to his. Yes, we had a blue sword across the fuselage; we were the Crusader Squadron. Yes, the time of year for the action was the same as his. Yes, we were together again, eleven years, 12,000 miles, and it was us—alive, living, with families—we could hardly talk!

John Tuthill finally learned for sure that all eight Marines got out that day and made it home. They had been so close to the falling bombs that napalm actually splashed onto the arm of one of them. The two men were almost overcome with emotion at this amazing reunion.

Soon, the plumber had to go, leaving Tuthill with his thoughts: “What had happened was over, and the impact God had intended was there.” He felt the event had helped him understand he was okay in God’s eyes.. He explained:

We all pick up burdens as we travel the road of life, and the Vietnam Veteran has more than his share. These burdens look like boulders on life’s road behind us. We can’t remove those boulders from our past, all we can do is recognize them for what they are, accept them, and be watchful that we keep life’s road ahead of us clear. God doesn’t want us to forget the past. He wants us to understand it, to accept its unchangeability, to learn from it, to remember our friends, to look at those boulders as signposts to help keep us and others from creating more boulders because of a focus on that which we cannot change.

As John Tuthill took another step in his unique spiritual journey, he realized intuitively that God would not hold his past against him. He couldn’t forget the dark side of his war, but somehow knew he had to stay focused on the future.

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