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Jane Fonda
CHUCK DEAN was talking to a group of Vietnam veterans on the subject of anger management when one of the vets expressed his hatred for Jane Fonda (in recounting this story ...

Jane Fonda

Dean used the occasion to talk about one of the most important subjects veterans need to address: forgiveness. He cautiously explained he had decided some time earlier to let go of his anger toward this person. His anger had formed a “relationship” with her that he didn’t need and in effect put him in bondage to his own feelings. The only way he could let go of these feelings was to forgive this person. He also said, “Forgiving someone takes a lot more courage than charging an enemy bunker, or walking exposed across an open rice paddy.”

Many in the group decided that day to forgive Jane Fonda and to let her walk out of their lives for good. The group prayed together for forgiving hearts. Afterward Dean was witness to one of the most amazing events he had ever seen:

I don’t see many miracles in my life, but that day I did when one particular Marine veteran forgave this celebrity. This man had been wounded by a .50-caliber round, and was paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair for more than two decades. By a simple act of faith, he forgave this infamous woman, and within a couple of hours was out of his chair for the first time in twenty-three years. He stood and walked away from his wheelchair that day, never to return to it. For some reason only known to God, that bitterness and unforgiveness was keeping him bound to a life without walking.

Our own unforgiveness may not be crippling in a physical sense, but it undeniably impairs us emotionally. By forgiving someone of something we are holding inside, we free ourselves from bondage. In a small way, we also follow the example of the One who brought forgiveness to us and the whole world, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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