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Letter From Home
NOTHING HAS ever been more important to the morale of troops overseas than mail from home. I found this to be true while I was in Vietnam. A letter from a girlfriend ...

Letter from Home

One soldier in the 198th Infantry Brigade received a note from his mother that was especially encouraging and a good example of meaningful support from the home front:

Dear Son,

Sorry you are lonesome and unhappy, but it will wear off. I know how you feel bad, but it will soon pass off and the year will soon pass.

It must have been God’s plan for you to go where you are. So just trust in Him.

Be sure to attend church and take an active part. If you just trust in the Lord, He will make everything better for you.

Try not to worry. Make yourself active in something so you won’t see home all the time. Remember I’m praying for you, so you pray too. And God will make things all right.

This mother was probably a little naive, neglecting to comment on the fact that her son was faced with actual danger beyond his control. In spite of that, it is hard to imagine anything more meaningful for a mother to do for a child in a difficult situation than to express her love and share her faith. These are the words young people need to hear, even when they show an outward disinterest. If nothing else, these words plant a seed that may take root when it really matters. All of us need God in our lives, and this need is intensified during stressful times. Reminders like this from a mother, or any other respected person, could go a long way in turning someone in the right direction at a crucial moment.

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