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Look Up!
IF YOU think you’re safe from traffic in a median strip, take a tip from me—think again! It was around 1 a.m., and I’d been working a busy intersection ...


Sergeant Paul

Northwest Chicago suburbs

IF YOU think you’re safe from traffic in a median strip, take a tip from me—think again! It was around 1 a.m., and I’d been working a busy intersection looking for impaired drivers. For good or for bad, they weren’t showing up. My assignment was to end in one hour, and I was pressuring myself to get at least one drunk off the road before then. I had made a traffic stop—a female “designated driver”—sober, but simply driving too fast. I gave her a verbal warning and sent her on her way. Then I had to complete a “stop data card,” required in my state after each stop to see if racial profiling is involved (analysis continually shows it is not).

To be out of the way while completing the card, I pulled my marked squad car onto a raised median. At this intersection there are two lanes of traffic in each direction with left-turn lanes for all ways as well. This night there also were traffic barricades set up along one corner due to resurfacing being done. While filling out the stop card my head was down; I wanted to complete it quickly so there’d still be time to find a drunk before my shift was over. Abruptly, something seemed to be saying, “Look up,” and I did. Headlights were coming rapidly toward me right in the median!


Quickly I threw the car into gear and accelerated into the northbound lane of traffic; I don’t even recall checking to see if the lane was clear. Just as I made my move the dispatchers said an off-duty officer had called in and was following the driver. I made the arrest (got my DUI for the night!) and took a motorist off the road before he could kill someone (like he almost did me!). Video shows he was going at least 45 miles per hour, and I surely would have been dead. Watching it is surreal, as this drunk only missed me by about ten feet!

I have followed Jesus for some time, and know he called me into this profession. God has blessed me with the gift and skills to perform well. On my way to work almost every day I ask the Lord to use me to help someone: victim or offender. That morning the person he chose to help was me, and God told me to “lift up my head!”


Officer McClung with his Chief, Jimmie Dotson

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