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TOM FITZHARRIS spent his time in Vietnam working in a staff position at the Long Binh logistics base. Every day, he went from his room to the mess hall to his office, where ...


Fitzharris knew that when he went home, people would ask him about the war. He realized, however, he knew no more about what was happening in Vietnam than the average person in the States who watched television or read the newspaper. In fact, he might know less, considering he heard it all much later than anyone did back home. He commented:

It’s weird how we get the news. It goes from correspondents here back to the States and then back to us. All the news reports I read have ‘AP’ tacked on them.

Most of us in Vietnam shared these sentiments. We occasionally saw an old issue of Stars and Stripes to learn what was happening around us. Anyone who has lived through a hurricane can identify with this phenomenon. You might know you have no electric power and see the wind blowing, but you don’t know much else until someone tells you on your emergency radio. When you’re in the news, it’s difficult to get news.

We have a similar problem in our spiritual lives. We often have difficulty seeing ourselves and understanding where we are in relation to God unless someone else helps us with some perspective. This is true in most areas of personal behavior, but especially when issues of addiction are involved. For some reason, the person affected is the last person to understand there is a problem. This is why we can never afford to isolate ourselves as Christians. We need the body of Christ around us to help us see ourselves. Every member of the body is vital to the whole and to each other.

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