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Law Enforcement and the News Media
THERE SEEMS to be a “love/hate” relationship between all branches of government and the news media. This is often the case between law enforcement and local news ...


Will Carr

Broadcast News Reporter

THERE SEEMS to be a “love/hate” relationship between all branches of government and the news media. This is often the case between law enforcement and local news bureaus. As a newsman having worked in two metropolitan areas, I have experienced firsthand both sides of the picture.

Few understand the many similarities we share. We each are staffed 24/7, we respond to tragic situations, and we often are the first to talk with people involved in the cases—or stories—that captivate public attention.

Several years ago I covered a story where a beautiful baby girl died under extremely suspicious circumstances. “I love her with all of my heart, I wish I could have seen her grow up,” her father told me. Unfortunately, days before her second birthday, she died after suffering severe seizures. Just as detectives began asking questions, answers dried up. Then a local magistrate stepped in, acting as an attorney for the mother’s family, advising the mother and stepfather not to talk. His interference significantly altered the case’s path, and ultimately forced him to step down. Meanwhile, detectives and I continued pursuing answers. Many missteps took place, including the medical examiner changing his conclusion from “homicide” to “unknown.” The lead detective and I shared the same theory, that the girl’s mother or stepfather played a role in her death, but a “wall of silence” developed at all levels. Finally, things came to a dead end. There was nothing more I could do; my hands were tied.


Members of the media and law enforcement community have much in common. We share the same frustration at the roadblocks—including bureaucracy—that make finding facts difficult. Members of both professions often are frowned upon or downright hated just for trying to do our jobs. We sometimes find ourselves pitted against each other, but I believe we share the same passion for truth, equality, and justice. The disciples once came to Jesus and asked about a man who was driving out demons in his name. They said, “He is not one of us, what shall we do?”. Jesus said, “Do not stop him, for whoever is not against you is for you” (Luke 9:49, 50). We in the news media are “for” our brothers in law enforcement!

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