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Near-Death Experience
IT WAS one of the strangest incidents of the war. A six-man LRRP of the 101st Airborne Division was set up on a ridgeline overlooking the A Shau Valley, deep in enemy ...

Near-Death Experience

Evacuated to a hospital in Phu Bai, the team debriefed each other on what had happened. At one point, Chambers told his teammate Gary Linderer about an especially strange part of the incident:

After the explosion, it felt like I was in a dream. I felt like my body was torn apart from the blast, but suddenly a brilliant light was everywhere. I moved into the center of the light and hung there, suspended and safe. It was like something supernatural happened! I felt guarded and safe, as if everything was going to be all right. Then, when I realized what was happening, the light disappeared.

When Chambers asked Linderer if he thought he (Chambers) was crazy, his friend replied, “No, I don’t think you are crazy, because I saw the same thing.” They decided not to try explaining this to anyone else at the time.

Near death experiences have been studied extensively by scientists, but have not been explained. Many people resuscitated from life-threatening injuries and surgeries have reported similar experiences: detachment from their bodies, a blinding light, and a peaceful reassurance. I have always considered this phenomenon one more manifestation of the miraculous nature of human consciousness. Scientists have learned much about the natural world, but can still not account for the transcendent nature of the human mind.

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