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Lincoln’s Death and God’s Providence
George Washington Baker wrote the following letter home: April 18th

Lincoln’s Death and God’s Providence

George Washington Baker wrote the following letter home:

April 18th

We just heard of the death of Lincoln and it seems to cast a gloom over everything. It seems as if it was the greatest calamity that could have befell us and is felt by all, even his Enemies … Still it may be for the best as the South may be more willing to come in to the Union under some other man and what is one mans life to the good of the country? I am one of the kind that think no great calamities come upon us unless for some great good (still I feel as if we had lost some dear friend. Things seem to be undecided here as yet and we do not hear what success Sherman and Johnson have in negotiations but think every thing will be well).

Love to all from your Affectionate Son—


During the Civil War most Americans in the North and in the South believed in the overruling providence of Almighty God. Lincoln himself ascribed to this theology, which is evident from his many references to providential care in his speeches.

Ironically, Lincoln would agree with George Baker’s theology even though a great sense of sadness enveloped the land. George Baker admitted Lincoln’s death “may be for the best.” The South finally united with the North during a reconstruction period. Today Abraham Lincoln is considered as one of our nation’s greatest presidents.

As Christians, we can have confidence that God is actively involved in our lives through great calamities.

[Joseph said] And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.

Genesis 45:5

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