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“Forgive and Comfort”
WE THINK of cell phones and texting as major driving issues, but there are many others to distract motorists from their driving. Changing radio or temperature controls ...


Detective Corporal M. C. Williams


WE THINK of cell phones and texting as major driving issues, but there are many others to distract motorists from their driving. Changing radio or temperature controls, eating a burger or french fries, or even reading with a book on the steering wheel—all have caused problems. Cody was distracted trying to retrieve a packet of sunflower seeds that had fallen, and the teen lost control of his pickup. He careened off the highway and struck two Colorado State Patrol troopers.

It was the afternoon of October 11, 2007. Troopers Zach Templeton and Scott “Scotty” Hinshaw had stopped to assist a motorist off I-76, northeast of Denver. Moments later, their “routine motorist assist call” became a nightmare. They were pinned under Cody’s out-of-control truck, killing Zach and leaving Scotty with horrific injuries. Thinking he was dying, too, Scott cried out to God and asked Christ into his heart. A “preacher’s kid,” he previously had rejected the Savior’s lordship. But God answered his call and, in nothing short of a miracle, spared his life. In his perfect will and mercy, God spared Scotty for greater work.

In the months to follow, Scotty endured unimaginable pain, excruciating rehab, and numerous surgeries. Throughout it all, Scotty “stayed the course,” understanding he had been spared for a reason. In an incredible sense of revelation, God made it clear Scott was to forgive Cody and reach out to him. Still in tremendous pain, Scotty came alongside the young man at his trial and sentencing. He told Cody and the judge that he would “be there” to help the young man stay on track. During this process Scott—a former Marine and quintessential “cop’s cop”—also responded to a new call on his life: to use the October 11 incident as a vehicle to reach others with the Gospel of Christ.


Over the next two years, Scott and his devoted wife, Susan, continued to reach out to Cody. They even brought him with them when—still very much in pain from the accident—Scott spoke to a packed house at a Centurion Law Enforcement Ministry service in Littleton, Colorado. He continued to mentor Cody, ultimately leading him to Christ. In March of 2010, Scott baptized Cody and preached both services at the young man’s church.

A testament to God’s grace and mercy, Scott Hinshaw is still a Colorado State Patrol trooper. At the same time, he is being used more and more to teach the Lord’s message of forgiveness and salvation.

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